The Title……

First of all, I’m gonna make one thing clear: Stop calling us Malayalees ‘mallus’. So, as is obvious now, I’m a mallu and proud of it. But, associating us with a term that takes it roots in pornography is just degrading of us. Most of us don’t seem to care but, just remember that I want to paint your face on the pavement. (No offence intended).

Malayalee or Keralite is fine.

It’s 18 minutes past 1’o clock and I’m reminiscing over how life went past. After a breakneck year of preparing for IIT JEE and successfully not clearing it. However, I managed to secure a seat at BITS Pilani Goa Campus through the moderately difficult BITSAT exam.

One more thing, I’m writing the first post of my blog on the worst possible time I could have. My phone’s dead after taking a dunk in the water and so is my beloved DSLR. I wish I could travel back in time and fix things. But, then again, good things in life are gauged upon the bad ones. Then again, the reverse is also true.

So, I intend to blabber every thought I think of on the blog.

I was just kidding there. It will be only be my best and worst experiences. I will be posting travel logs, photos I took, tips etc.

See you on the other side. Ciao! 


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