A Short Break from the BITSian life

After numerous phone calls between me and my parents, I finally decided to take break from the BITSian life. In a matter of minutes, I’d booked my tickets back home and forth. I wanted to taste the food that I relish once again. Weeks of North Indian food has probably caused my tongue irreparable damage. (No offence intended to all of my Northie friends). Honestly, tears started to roll down my eyes as I munched down that Chicken Biriyani.

(Sadly, I was so emotionally involved in the moment that I forgot to take a pic)

After about 15 hours of travel, I finally got here.

@Ernakulam South Station

After some teary moments, me and my family members were now up to speed. I had a nice meet-up with my aunt and my doting grandmother. After all the melodrama, I was behind the steering wheel after a good two months. It felt awesome. The car felt a lot smoother than the last time I saw it. After having a nice lunch at a restaurant in Shornur, I let my father take the wheel. Honestly, I was tired. I was in an awkward position on the train and my back felt edgy.

I slept well and woke up pretty late as usual. Oh! I had a guest in the morning: my grandfather. After lazing around the whole day, we went for a short trek and it was time to put my new camera to the test.

As expected, the trek was awesome although we didn’t scale it completely and I got two nice shots.

After getting back, there was a small party at my house because a lot of my relatives were in town.

And it was the day for me to leave. Though, the trip was very short, it was enjoyable. The morning was spent on catching up with friends. At around noon, I took a bus to Kozhikode and boarded the train.

And I was back in Goa by dawn!


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