Walking on the edge

Walking on the edge. but, looks more like lying on the beach. P.S. I’m bad at drawings.

It’s that time again: to stop slacking off and start getting work done.

For some reason, I find it very exciting to do stuff at the very end. I realised this very recently: The pressure, the excitement; and the rush of adrenaline that accompanies it.

Here I am, with my biology test day after tomorrow and I’m blogging and sketching rather than studying. I was doing the same stuff for JEE, +2 boards, class assignments and every other damn thing you can think off. But, I fuck up a lot in these RISKY moves. Years back, the teacher would scold me but, these days you lose marks and fall behind the rest. It’s depressing thinking about how life has changed for me. The whole universe is pushing me to become more serious with everything else but, I just keep on rebuffing it.

As is obvious, I’m fully aware of the consequences but, yet…… 😀

LEt’s study Biology or NOT!



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