People close to me know that I’m a passionate Gooner. And honestly, it just aches to see Arsenal fall off the perch at the end of every season due to some bullshit injury or the other.

How did it start? It all started with FIFA I suppose. It was so far back that I can’t even remember which edition of FIFA it was. Let’s not forget that Arsenal is the first club that FIFA greets you with and they’re the club that tops the league at the beginning of every season. At some point, I also got caught up with Real Madrid and their style of counter attacking football. Perhaps, it was Ronaldo who dragged me to Real. But, I’m just an observer of Real these days. But, during Real/Arsenal days, I began to develop a huge sense of respect for Ozil. I became ‘Arsenal only’ after his move to the Emirates.

After a spectacular start at the Emirates, he began to wane until that disastrous day at Stamford Bridge. Perhaps, it was for the good as he was a very different player on his return and was now entering a squad which was undergoing a metamorphosis of some kind. We missed the league again that season but, Chelsea had it coming although, I am an out and out Chelsea hater.

Next season was different. We had a bad start losing out to West Ham but, things started looking bright and there were time when it seemed as if we could clinch the league this season. Then, came the usual mid-season injury. Not to mention the defensive crisis we were facing. It was pure luck that we finished 2nd that season.

So, here we are losing the opening day this season and now, we’re on an unbeaten run in all competitions. Also, I think it’s worth noting that the loss to Liverpool saw many of our players injured and a non-existent defense. The win against Chelsea is reassuring given that we haven’t been able to beat them in the PL for some time.

Let’s hope that this our season.


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