A miserable day

Today was just fucked up; TODAY WAS JUST FUCKED UP;

The frequency of going to class has taken a huge dip and the T2 papers have begun pouring in. Actually, the paper distribution is over and I’ve performed really bad compared to how I did in my T1s. And before I know, I’m gonna be facing me the unavoidable Compres.

Now about today, I got my Maths paper. pretty much below Av and there was this math quiz which I fluked as well. I just don’t know how I fucked up Biology and Maths. OH! I have Biology although I am a engineering student. At least, in my first year. I think I have slacked off a lot after my T1 although surprisingly I have virtually attended every class post T1. Also, I didn’t spend a lot of time on Maths and Bio in the last minutes before T2.

Why am I writing this stuff down on a blog? I suppose people may love or hate my rants which I wrote while was listening to ‘The Rolling Stones’. Learn from my mistakes, to the very few people who read my blog.

Here’s a pic from my collections:

Football and that girl is just so aesthetic…. ❤



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