Waves Diaries: Day 1

Day 0 was over which was like a teaser to the stuff ahead.

Day 1 had arrived upon us and I feel the best part was that, I had my first Waves coverage for DoPy on that day. (DoPy = Department of Photography). I also got some extra photos to be edited besides those I was enjoyed. I really enjoy editing these photos although it may seem the less glamorous part of Photography.

So, I had to cover these two events: Blind Art and Drinkathon. In Blind Art, a person is handcuffed and the other is blindfolded. In Drinkathon, you have supposedly nasty drinks which you have to drink the fastest.

Time was split between work with DoPy, chilling out with my friends from Kerala and eating. I seemed to have an endless stomach as I munched on whatever I saw.

Here are a few glimpses from Day1,

Check the DoPy page for more photos

This was followed up by FashP, which was my first Fashion Parade and It was pretty amazing although, some of the participants came off like looking weird. In fact, you could pass off a few of them as gay.

The amazing day finished off with an incredible performance by NUCLEYA.

P.S. It was my first concert. I’m not an EDM fan to be honest with my roots in Rock and Metal.

Here’s a pic,

After the concert was over, I wanted to go for the Searock Semis but, I got busy at night and sleepy. So, I went to my room and lights off.


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