Waves Diaries: Day 2

Hey, I’m back!

Sorry about the delays between each post given that I was planning to release the posts on the post of the respective days. Honestly, A lot of the memories have begun to become clouded so, pardon me for inaccuracies.

So, last night, I slept early by Waves standards (2 am) and I woke up 4 hours later.

Day 2 was rather doozy because there wasn’t a lot which caught my attention until night fell. I was either roaming around aimlessly or editing photos in the DoPy control room.

Truth be told, Day2 brought out the fact that Waves is in fact, not managed very well. It was obvious on Day0 and Day1. But, Day 2 pretty much reinforced it. Although, it reduces the sheen a bit, Waves is still an awesome experience. No, it’s not the biggest college fest in India and there’s still ways to go but, we’re getting there pretty fast.

It was when night fell, that Day2 got interesting: The finals of Searock were happening. Also, Kenny Sebastian and Zakir Khan were performing. At the same time. So, I had to make a call and choose Searock because I’m a metal head. Searock saw abysmal attendance but, the crowd was still amazing. The bands D6/59, Knight Shades and Highway 69 put on a phenomenal performance and it was Knight Shades who took the top spot. Later, I got to witness Sizzle, our solo dance event albeit, through a thick crowd and in reality, I didn’t get a good view. Oh! And Sizzle is conducted on the streets.

Here you go, feast on the photos


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