Waves Diaries: Day 3

I’ve been skipping classes a lot lately and sleeping more and flunking on my blog too. I want to change people but, it’s just proving to be a bit too difficult than expected. (That ‘R’ is purposeful by the way)

And I’ve lost most of the intricate details involved and honestly, the only thing I remember is the Amit Trivedi performance and this event called Just Duet. I barely remember going for this event called ‘Skime’ but, it just didn’t catch my interest. (It was fuck all anyways)

Talking about Just Duet, it’s an event where two people perform a duet (a dance, I suppose that was obvious :P)

Some of them were really good and others okay-ish.

But, boy! Amit Trivedi is just too awesome. He knew just how to cater to a college audience: Starting off with slow numbers and eventually progressing to some heart-thumping shit. Oh! And he was accompanied by Neeti Mohan, Divya Kumar and Arun Kammath, all three of whom I regularly follow. I was seriously hoping for Da Da Dasse but, they sang (maybe lip-synced) both Ud Daa Punjab and Aafaton Ke Parinde, one of my favourite hindi songs.

Here are the photos



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