The Dark Side of being a Photographer

What’s with the weird title, bro? That’s what the me inside me is whispering at me. The title just feels a BIT EVIL like that episode on Sherlock with Watson’s marriage and the general. Oh! And I’m not talking about pro. photographers. I actually mean the photographers of every social circle. They have the duty of making everyone looking good in their photos although that depends on the situation one works with a lot.


You won’t find us in a single photo. It seriously breaks your heart. But, it almost washes away as most of us are more content with other people’s happiness than others.

Here’s the sad part: When others offer to take my picture, it usually ends up being disastrous. I don’t want to post any pics because I don’t want anyone else to see my embarrassing pics.

Signing Off for the day…. then


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