Get a 1080p screen

One of the biggest question when I was in the market for a laptop prior to college was whether to pick one with a 1080p. About 3 months later, I don’t regret that decision: It was the cheapest laptop I could find at that price and it shows a bit: I can’t play games at 1080p due to the paltry processor and GPU. It doesn’t have the widest color gamut on the market. But, it is worth in every way. Test is crisp and the detail you get whilst editing photos in Lightroom and Photoshop is totally worth it. Not to mention all the extra desktop size you get. I keep chrome’s default zoom level at 80% because 100% makes text too big and I never go full screen. The only apps I take full screen is probably the Adobe Apps. There’s a lot less scrolling involved in these apps because you get more of the menus at the same time which speeds up practically everything you do.

If you’re someone who aspires to be a photographer or even someone with a busy workflow, take a 1080p screen or go even higher.


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