Perks of travelling on a Volvo bus

The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation has this awesome fleet of Volvo buses via the JNURM program, under the central government. And boy do I love travelling on those. First of all, they are air-conditioned. Also, you can comfortably read a book in them and the drivers drive in a very nice way.

But, I just discovered the biggest perk of them all: Long Exposures. 


So, I decided to pay Kochi a visit because things were getting bland at home and I needed photos for Shutterup, the photography competition at our campus as part of our techfest, Quark 2017I have been struggling to get good photos at home and that’s when I decided to travel to Kochi one morning.

And it couldn’t be any disastrous. I was just way too shy to take the camera out in public. I missed way too many shots in public. Shots that may not present until a lifetime later. Next time, I really have to get this stigma out of the way.

Talking about the shot above, I didn’t even notice the kid until I began reviewing the photos. It was shot at a shutter speed of half a second. On a normal day and a normal cam, the shot would be impossible because of all the shakiness. In my case, the VR on my lens is insane. My lens is 18-55 AF-P VR, which came bundled but, it’s one of the best lenses I’ve used. God bless that kid who kept staring out the window.


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