My foray into the world of video

Looking back, I think the first video I made was probably this

This was shot entirely on a smartphone. Edited on Windows Movie Maker (The shitty one not the XP one) and during the time, I thought it was a great video. Boy! Was I wrong.

Here’s a comparison between the software I used then and now


2017-03-11 (1)

I’m not including After Effects here because Movie Maker is just too way behind. Not that it was intended to.

I started learning both Premiere Pro and After Effects after joining DoPy a few months back. Talking specifically, it was not until 2nd sem that I could really test out what I had learned. It is only through experience and constant diligence that one can improve. It is very easy for one to lose touch with the software we use. I was actually surprised on how quickly I was able to pick new stuff up. I attribute that to the strategy I applied: Watching YouTube tuts of complex animation and deconstructing them to simpler steps which can be assimilated into smaller projects. A strategy which has worked pretty well so far.

I have a YouTube channel on the horizon. But, the heavy influx of work has stagnated it. Also, I have to keep track of my studies which are getting heavier with every day. Not to mention my tendency to procrastinate. But, life will move forward and it will direct me in the right path.


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