My foray into the world of video

Looking back, I think the first video I made was probably this

This was shot entirely on a smartphone. Edited on Windows Movie Maker (The shitty one not the XP one) and during the time, I thought it was a great video. Boy! Was I wrong.

Here’s a comparison between the software I used then and now


2017-03-11 (1)

I’m not including After Effects here because Movie Maker is just too way behind. Not that it was intended to.

I started learning both Premiere Pro and After Effects after joining DoPy a few months back. Talking specifically, it was not until 2nd sem that I could really test out what I had learned. It is only through experience and constant diligence that one can improve. It is very easy for one to lose touch with the software we use. I was actually surprised on how quickly I was able to pick new stuff up. I attribute that to the strategy I applied: Watching YouTube tuts of complex animation and deconstructing them to simpler steps which can be assimilated into smaller projects. A strategy which has worked pretty well so far.

I have a YouTube channel on the horizon. But, the heavy influx of work has stagnated it. Also, I have to keep track of my studies which are getting heavier with every day. Not to mention my tendency to procrastinate. But, life will move forward and it will direct me in the right path.

Perks of travelling on a Volvo bus

The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation has this awesome fleet of Volvo buses via the JNURM program, under the central government. And boy do I love travelling on those. First of all, they are air-conditioned. Also, you can comfortably read a book in them and the drivers drive in a very nice way.

But, I just discovered the biggest perk of them all: Long Exposures. 


So, I decided to pay Kochi a visit because things were getting bland at home and I needed photos for Shutterup, the photography competition at our campus as part of our techfest, Quark 2017I have been struggling to get good photos at home and that’s when I decided to travel to Kochi one morning.

And it couldn’t be any disastrous. I was just way too shy to take the camera out in public. I missed way too many shots in public. Shots that may not present until a lifetime later. Next time, I really have to get this stigma out of the way.

Talking about the shot above, I didn’t even notice the kid until I began reviewing the photos. It was shot at a shutter speed of half a second. On a normal day and a normal cam, the shot would be impossible because of all the shakiness. In my case, the VR on my lens is insane. My lens is 18-55 AF-P VR, which came bundled but, it’s one of the best lenses I’ve used. God bless that kid who kept staring out the window.

Compre Khatham

Here’s a title made out of the little Hindi I know

I have been here for about five months now. I should be speaking Hindi like a parrot. 

The sem is over and good times are back. Oddly, I seem to be the only one who is not very excited to go home. Oh! and my compre went pretty bad at least the first two exams. I have better hopes for the last three.

I have a huge list of stuff to do and first in the list was to make a timelapse. And that went pretty badly. I had read up on a lot of sites and I screwed up the first step. It’s pretty difficult first time. 

I had been planning a 2 day road trip with the gang but, that pretty much fizzled. So, now it’s a one day sightseeing trip. How boring. 

Here’s my complementary picture of the post:

a photo from my deceased cam

And there’s a time lapse coming soon.

Getaway to Bogmalo

This is a long overdue post and I started writing this over a month ago. So, here we go. A lot has changed in this month.

Being a person who is studying in Goa, all my friends home and elsewhere expect me to be chilling on the beach and sipping a glass of whiskey. Honestly, I haven’t even got close.

But, I did go to a beach. It was the eve of Diwali and the campus was moving into Diwali mode. I went to Colva Beach with my friends about 2 weeks after I got here and went to Bogmalo Beach last Sunday. It was quickly planned and truth be told, impulse trips are just way more fun than pre-planned ones. So, as all trips I grabbed my camera and we were off with a couple of cloths and a football. I wasn’t going to step into the water as I was having a cold and a sore throat. Of course, let’s not forget that I was carrying an expensive electronic which could be potentially damaged by the salt. 20161030-DSC_0007.JPG

Bogmalo is a really small beach but, it’s rather serene and a great place to take photos. I tried to take a time lapse but, without a tripod it’s a pain in the ass. I tried using my bare hands which have become really stable over the past 3 years.

I can get a stable shot at 1/10 shutter speed on a lens without VR/IS. (Even at slower speeds but, with more attempts). Then again, the detail from the shots is rather muddy but, liveable. #BraggingMode. Fellow beings will understand

They played football while I worked on getting some nice shots.


I joined in on the game of football after a while and it’s fair to say I did rather badly. After the game of football, we retreated to this nice beachside restaurant called Joet’s. Damn! And the place was awesome (and expensive) especially the vibe. After a nice dinner, we headed back to the campus, on a bus which had NO HEADLIGHTS. Rather adventurous I must admit, given that the bus was overloaded.

The Dark Side of being a Photographer

What’s with the weird title, bro? That’s what the me inside me is whispering at me. The title just feels a BIT EVIL like that episode on Sherlock with Watson’s marriage and the general. Oh! And I’m not talking about pro. photographers. I actually mean the photographers of every social circle. They have the duty of making everyone looking good in their photos although that depends on the situation one works with a lot.


You won’t find us in a single photo. It seriously breaks your heart. But, it almost washes away as most of us are more content with other people’s happiness than others.

Here’s the sad part: When others offer to take my picture, it usually ends up being disastrous. I don’t want to post any pics because I don’t want anyone else to see my embarrassing pics.

Signing Off for the day…. then

The never ending question about lenses

I suppose it’s pretty obvious that I am an avid photographer although, I haven’t had a chance to pick up my gear properly ever since I got here. Truth be told, my lens collection is pretty limited consisting of only 18 55 AF-P lens and 50 mm prime. I am in dire need of an addition because my current selection limits me to reasonably wide angle shots and portraits.

Now, if I was a rich guy, I would have bought all the lens there is in this world. But, since I am on budget, I have to be super cautious. Besides, my previous camera just went for a dive. So, things are just not looking so bright. Not to mention, the difficulties in choosing the right lens.

Also, I’m trying to detach myself financially from my parents as much as possible. So, there are a hundred questions rushing through my head. Of whether I should monetise my blog but, that’s totally an uncool idea.

I’ll probably end up doing an internship but, I barely get time to do stuff and I laze a lot so, there’s a lot of consideration to be taken before that decision.

Now, I’m writing this post hoping that other aspiring photographers can benefit from this. My opinion is based on data from plenty of websites but, I can safely say that this is the one that influenced me the most :

The First Nikon Lenses You Should Buy

The first lens I had picked up besides the 18-55 VR kit lens that came bundled was 50 mm prime which is just an awesome performer although, the field of view falls short. I want to pick up the 35 mm but, that’s not my need right now.

After going through it, I realised that I’m definitely looking at an zoom lens but, I’m confused over the 55-300 VR and 70-300 VR. The 55-300 VR is slightly more expensive but, from personal experience, as lens complexity increases, image quality takes a hit as more lenses means light may tend to get reflected and refracted more within, bringing in a lot of noise and aberrations.

If possible, I would always recommend a VR lens as it always helps with reducing vibration especially when you’re dealing with lenses of high focal length.

Note: This is my theory. Please correct me in the comments if I’m wrong. 

Nikon 70-300 mm VR AF-P
Nikon 55-200 mm VR AF-S